Sunday, October 9, 2011

from maykures to the maybe cures

responcibility ... daddy please ... wheres teh B.B.E.


the nest-i-sorry-city to be hands on!

everyone fretts about ownership when it comes to those things you consume and purchase ... but i guess the earth is too big for some to step up and realize they own this rock too ... so take care of it cuz EVERYONE ONES IT!

what a beautiful peaceful protest this was ... more than a month ago but....

we were scrutinized by puppets ... and gawked at through windows ... but yet still we marched!

if you wanna be apart of the movement visit these links ...

and watch the movie "GAS LAND" ! fuel to the fire is just one way to put it

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glazed kid

somethings to think about while of the shitter....

the fourth di e mention

and a story thats hard to forget...

gas mask?