wait...well...who are you?



how are you my child ... your children want to know ... when i look at you we can see your reflection from when you were the perfect size to curl up into our cupped hands ... from when you were just a puddle ... and we dug deep around you widening your wing span and crying because we knew your growth was the most painful experience ... but now our tears have filled up your measuring cup to the brink of it's meniscus ... a true boyant beauty ... 

sew now ... we kneel along side you at your banks ... no longer littered with dollar bills ... as the once floated upon you and clouded your surface ... we take this opportunity to reach inside i up to the wrists and draw from your body a hand held portion of your pool and together we will drink ...

MOM! we dont want to get a shower tonight! come one please...its winter time and we dint go out and play today ... how about just face and hands!?

face and hands

what it means to live ... how would you like to identify yourself?

numbers names money race status cloths aesthetics clicks schools states locations none-ya means nothing ... all of these things lack the definition that we thought they had ...

Oh Hi ...thanks for applying ...but with your resume could you please include just two forms of idenification ... okay great

face and hands

the one we are born with and the other grows and evolves with ... the only two things that truely harness the accurate definition that you as an individual wish to prescribe as identity ... 

a face can tell you many things about someone with out them needing to speak it

perhaps this is why i only spoke once and choose only to scribe our thoughts via text and hyroglyphs

your hands can tell someone what type of builder you are ...and manual labor is not what i speak of in this case

we must build together ... i wasnt blind then ... but you saw the we ... and now i am in perpetual mourning ... hands over my face ... poor vision ... rich heart ... and how i wish i could see my babies again ... the tines are calling our one name and its so loud we all hear it ... but i cant understand this one ... so im asking for your help ... please ... peace ... free the we ... build together


glazed kid

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